RE-45 Auto

RE-45 Auto is a Common Pistol weapon in Apex Legends. It deals 11 damage (16 for headshots), uses Light Rounds and holds 15 bullets in a magazine.

Weapon | Pistol 11 damage 127 dps

RE-45 Auto

Full-auto pistol.

Optic Barrel Mag
Weapon RE-45 Auto
Description Full-auto pistol.
Type Pistol
Rarity Common
Ammunition type Light Rounds
Magazine capacity 15
Bullet damage 11
Headshot damage 16



1x HCOG 'CLASSIC' Common Close range optic.
2x HCOG 'BRUISER' Rare Close range optic.
1x HOLO Common Close range optic.
1x-2x VARIABLE HOLO Rare Close range optic with variable zoom.
1x DIGITAL THREAT Legendary Close range optic with threat highlighting.


Barrel Stabilizer Common Small recoil reduction.
Barrel Stabilizer Rare Moderate recoil reduction.
Barrel Stabilizer Epic Large recoil reduction.
Barrel Stabilizer Legendary Large recoil reduction.


Extended Light Mag Common Slightly increases ammo capacity.
Extended Light Mag Rare Increased ammo capacity with quicker reloads.
Extended Light Mag Epic High ammo capacity with fast reloads.