Peacekeeper is a Common Shotgun weapon in Apex Legends. It deals 110 damage (165 for headshots), uses Shotgun Shells and holds 6 bullets in a magazine.

Weapon | Shotgun 110 damage 112 dps


Lever-action shotgun.

Optic Mag Hop-Up
Weapon Peacekeeper
Description Lever-action shotgun.
Type Shotgun
Rarity Common
Ammunition type Shotgun Shells
Magazine capacity 6
Bullets fired 11
Weapon damage 110 (11 × 10)
Headshot damage 165 (11 × 15)



1x HCOG 'CLASSIC' Common Close range optic.
2x HCOG 'BRUISER' Rare Close range optic.
1x HOLO Common Close range optic.
1x-2x VARIABLE HOLO Rare Close range optic with variable zoom.
1x DIGITAL THREAT Legendary Close range optic with threat highlighting.


Shotgun Bolt Common Small upgrade to fire rate.
Shotgun Bolt Rare Moderate upgrade to fire rate.
Shotgun Bolt Epic Maximum upgrade to fire rate.


Precision Choke Epic Reduces projectile spread for compatible weapons.