List of all Legendary / Gold weapons and gear - Apex Legends


Legendary items are the most powerful items that you are able to obtain in Apex Legends. The legendary pieces of gear have the same stats as the epic version, as well as giving you an additional powerful benefit - for example the Legendary Backpack reduces the use time for all healing items by 50%. The legendary items are also known as gold items, due to their colour.

How to obtain Legendary Items

The Legendary gold items can very rarely be found lying on the floor or looted from a container, but if you're looking for one, there are several ways in which you can increase your chances. The Supply Drops which come down from the skies have a fairly good chance of containing one of the legendary weapons. You'll see on your map a blue icon where it will be landing, once it's been announced - but prepare for other teams to have the same idea!

Additionally, the character Lifeline has an ultimate ability to summon a Care Package, which is filled with healing items, and can contain epic and sometimes legendary pieces of gear, such as helmets or knockdown shields.

Legendary Weapons

The legendary weapons use their own specific type of ammunition, so once you've used all their shots, you won't be able to use them any longer. You can't put any attachments on these weapons.

Weapon | Shotgun 144 damage 222 dps

Mastiff Shotgun

Powerful semi-auto shotgun.

Weapon | Sniper 125 damage 70 dps

Kraber .50-Cal Sniper

Powerful bolt-action sniper rifle.
Optic: 6x-10x Variable.

Legendary Attachments

The legendary attachments make certain weapons incredibly powerful. The two legendary optics enable you highligh enemies that you aim at, also allowing you to see them through smoke.

The Turbocharger, once attached to the Devotion LMG, makes this into a devastating weapon, capable of dealing huge amounts of damage.

Attachment | Optic


Sniper optic with threat highlighting and digital zoom.


Attachment | Optic


Close range optic with threat highlighting.

Pistol Shotgun SMG

Attachment | Barrel

Barrel Stabilizer

Large recoil reduction.

Attachment | Hop-Up


Reduces autofire spin-up time for compatible weapons.

Devotion LMG

Legendary Gear

Each piece of legendary gear gives you the same benefits as the epic version, as well as one additional unique ability.



Fast Heal
Healing items take half as long to use.
Carry 6 more items.


Body Shield

Finishers fully regenerate shield.
Absorbs 100 damage.



Fast Charge
Reduces Tactical & Ultimate recharge time.
Maximum headshot damage reduction.


Knockdown Shield

Can self-resurrect once. Ability consumed upon use.
Directional damage protection while knocked down (Max: 750 Damage).