List of all Badges - Apex Legends


The following is a complete list of all the achievement badges that you are able to obtain in Apex Legends:

Account Level Displays your current account level.
Long Shot Downed a player from a distance greater than 300 meters.
No Witnesses With a full pre-made squad, kill 15 players and no one who your squad downs is ever revived or resurrected.
Pack Victory With a full pre-made squad, win a game.
Team Harmony Win 3 games in a row with the same pre-made squad.
Team. Work. With a full pre-made squad, play a game where each player gets [3, 5, 7, 10] kills.
Group Theatrics With a full pre-made squad, win x game(s) where each person executes an enemy.
Fully Kitted Equip two fully kitted weapons at the same time in a game.
Well-Rounded Deal 20,000 damage with 8 different legends.
Master of All Win at least 10 times with 8 different legends.
Banner Legend Equipped an item in every Banner slot on 8 different legends.
Fashionista Own a legendary skin and legendary finisher for 8 different legends.
Warlord Own a legendary skin for 15 weapons.
Baller Own 125 legendary items.
Treasure Hunter Loot every launch item at least once.
In the Game Be an Origin Access member.
Starter Own the Starter Pack.
Founder Own the Founder's Pack.
Respawn Dev Work at Respawn Entertainment.